Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit 62″ Take Down 

 January 5, 2021

By  keithb

Whether you are a beginner or pro you will love to use best recurve bows for sure. Southland archery supply as spirit 62” takedown recurve bow will be the best tool for hunting and archery games. No doubt players are choosing this best recurve bows to stand out from the crowd. Southland archery supply is one of the famous recurve bows company offering best recurve bows for all. In southern California, southland have their own manufacture company to provide the best service.

Since 2007 they are offering best-sporting goods to all over the world. Have you seen their crossbows? Have you seen their compound bows? If not check out those products to get crystal clear ideas. Usually, Southland is offering such best recurve bows at an affordable price.

No doubt this was spirit 62” takedown recurve bow will be the best recurve bow for you

Usually, we have reviewed this southland archery supply as spirit 62” takedown recurve bow according to its durability. Strength, last long power etc. even the look is more beautiful to look at.

Importance of This
It’s always important for the buyers to read the product description before buying. This is the reason w have added the features, pros, and cons here.

Features of sas spirit 62” takedown recurve bow will help you to have huge fun with your friends and family in backyards. You can easily arrange a shooting game to spend some beautiful time out there. Usually, the manufacturing company used maple lamination here and also used strong fiberglass which is too important. This will secure your gaming or sports zone. No doubt fiberglass will give you last longing facilities.

Because this recurve bow will bend so it will never break. You will be amazed to hear that the riser is made with three types of wood named chuglam, and arboreal.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit 62″ Take Down Recurve Bow
Sas spirit 62” takedown recurve bow is made for both hand user like the right hand and left hand. Whether you are right-hand user or left-hand user you can simply use this best recurve bow easily.

The limb manufacture company is using is made with strong fiberglass. Strong fiberglass makes it last for a long time. Limbs are so important because when you will shoot the limb will be the tool to make it successful. so using the strong fiberglass will protect your hand and the bow will go for huge effect.

The southland manufacture company made this beautiful recurve bow with maple lamination. Maple lamination will durable enough to last for a long time.

You will be amazed to see that this best recurve bow will provide you with the 3 years warranty.

The original user height should be 5”7”.

Have you seen the draw weight? The original draw weight should be 22,26,30, 34 LBS length is 62in.

The package contents limited to 1x 62” archery bow.

Why you should buy this as spirit 62” takedown recurve bow

If you are a professional archery specialist you will love to use this recurve bow for sure. The beautiful design the weight, materials and the company made this professional recurve bow a best one for sure. If you look at the customer reviews you can see that lots of people have bought this best recurve bows and using it without any type of hasslement. Even the shipping weight will be only 2.5 pounds. Basically, the manufacturing company made this bag for both beginner and professional archery specialist.

Can be used by right and left both hand users
The limb is made with strong fiberglass
Price is very affordable
The rating is 4.4 out 5 which is too high for any product
Users who have 5”7” height can use it
Final words
Best recurve bows will be the best thing you can buy in 2019. Even any type of tournaments for professional can be attended by using these best recurve bows. One of the best things is the affordable price and its weight. You cannot find the best recurve bows in this price except Amazon for sure. Just read the full features and have a look at Amazon reviews. These two things will lead you towards buying the best recurve bows for sure.

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