SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Best Recurve Bows 

 January 5, 2021

By  keithb

People who are style oriented and always serious about sports are finding the best gear all the time. If you are a professional archery player or shooter you will love to use best recurve bows for sure. as explorer metal riser takedown recurve bow is one of the best recurve bows for any archery or hunting specialist. Even lots of professionals are fond of this famous takedown recurve bow. Getting the best one from the market is not easy enough. You have to read lots of reviews and features of any takedown recurve bows to find out the best one for you. Usually, users are buying recurve bow according to the price, features, pros and cons, weights, manufacture company etc.

No doubt picking such best recurve bows which will be comfortable to use and will last for a long time is a great idea. So before you buy anything you should know the features of that specific product. Usually, I am reviewing the same explorer metal riser takedown recurve bow and will let you know all the information regarding this bow. For now, read the features below.

Suppose you are going to buy new takedown recurve bow then you should know the best features and the uses rules. It’s up to you whether you are going to buy for hunting purposes or practice.

best recurve bows
You will just love to buy this takedown recurve bow because of its world-class features. Features of SAS explorer metal riser takedown recurve bow will lead you towards buying this.


High Strength Casting Aluminum Riser
The riser will get with this best recurve bow is made with pure Aluminum. Because the riser is made with high strength casting aluminum riser this riser will last for a long time and will give you the best archery experience.


Carefully polished finish riser
You have seen that the riser is made with aluminum and for this, the riser is strong enough. Here you can see that the finished riser is totally highly polished. The manufacturing company has polished the finished riser very carefully so that it will support the main riser strongly.


Strong Fiberglass Limb Made with Maple
Maple is always a stronger tool to make anything. Best recurve bows are usually made with aluminum and the fiberglass limb is made with pure maple. Because the manufacturing company used maple the limb is getting stronger. Most of the time hands got vibrated because of a limb. But this best recurve bow limb is made with maple so It will never shake your hand and will not vibrate anymore.


For the right-hand user
Usually, it is up to you whether you love to play the right hand or left hand. I must say that this sas explorer metal riser takedown recurve bow will be best for any right-hand user. Manufacturer company made this for the right-hand user so grab this special one now.


So these are the special features of this best recurve bow.

Pros and cons
The bow is totally 66 inches of long
Right-hand user
You can choose up to blue and red in color
The draw weight is 22-34 pounds
Shipping weight is 2.4 pounds
Not suitable for left-hand users
Why you should buy it
This famous takedown recurve bow is one of the best recurve bow for the beginner and professional archery specialist. Even hunting specialist can easily use this one for their upcoming tournaments. The features will tell you the benefits of using it. You are going to have this recure bow in affordable price for sure. if you want you can buy from Amazon easily. In Amazon, you can buy saas explorer metal riser takedown recurve bow at a cheap rate.

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