Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review 

 January 5, 2021

By  keithb

Lots of people are asking me about the best recurve bows. Then I have just searched and written a review on samick sage takedown recurve bow. Because it looks more affordable and well featured to me. Everyone wants an affordable price this is the reason I have chosen this recurve bow. Samick sage is a famous company and its first year was in 1975. Since 1975 same sage is improving their products, they have increased the number of their products too. Even samic sage has already produced recurve bows in 50 different countries. You might have seen that same sage have also become a sponsor for lots of popular world best competitive archers.

I know you are fond of recurve bows that’s why you have landed here. So I will provide you with the best information and buying a guide on the best recurve bows. A recurve bow is a crying need for any beginner hunter or archery specialist. Usually, before you buy best recurve bows you have to know the configuration, features, pros, and cons etc. if you really want to replace your old recurve bow then same sage takedown recurve bow will be the best option for you. No doubt same sage takedown recurve bow is one of the famous bows used by the professional players.

So after considering lots of world-class features I have just written the review of best recurve bows.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
Features of Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
An arrcher specialist or hunting specialist buys their favorite recurve bows or best recurve bows according to the features. So read the features for best one.

Top Quality Riser
The riser is one of the important features of best recurve bows. When I first saw the same sage recurve bow I was just stunned to see the riser. The riser is totally high in quality and beautifully designed. Looks so simple and very majestic. Beginner hunting specialist or archery loves these best recurve bows because this recurve bow contains the best simplicity. You will not find any bells and widgets so no chance of breaking anything. This top quality riser is made with laminated olive diamondwood. So the riser will be last for a long time.

Samic sage takedown recurve bows got huge popularity because of its great features you know. Another important feature is a limb. Limbs of this special recurve bow are made with hard maple with black fiberglass. Manufacturer company added the single tapped knob so that it can be tightened easily. Even the metal limb pocket design will attract you in its first look. Fiberglass gives the limbs more durability.

Bow Sring and Arrow Rest
In any best recurve bow string is one of the best things you can ever have. If you failed to add the best string on your bow you will fail to conquer success in any game. So samick sage takedown recurve bow added the B-50 bowstring. This is 62” bow which added the b-50 string.

Arrow rest is the tool which will let you escape the bow towards the target.

Pre Installed Brass Bushing
Samic sage takedown recurves bow will blow your mind by its beautiful look and best features. Samic sage has added pre-installed brass bushing for the brass plunger. The brass plunger will give the bow more durability.

You will happy to see the quiver in this packages.

Draw Length
Draw length is too much important for the user. Whether you are right hand or left-hand user the draw length should be perfect. Even for the beginner draw length is important. Samic sage takedown recurve bow has added draw length which is 29”.

Brace Height
Brace height is also important for best recurve bows. The actual race height is 7 1/4 inch to 8 1/4 inch.

Pros and Cons of Recurve Bow
Best draw length ever.
One of the best and finest brace height for beginner to intermediate level experts.
Affordable price
Light in weight.
Right hand and left hand both users can use it
No stranger comes with this package
Final words
So I hope you have read all the lines here about one of the best recurve bows. This same sage takedown recurves bows will motivate you towards a great time in the field and off the field. Whether you choose it for hunting or archery it will fulfill your need.

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